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Caring for your Cork Yoga Mat

Caring for your Cork Yoga Mat

How to clean your Cork Mat

Even though it is made of Cork, your yoga mat still needs to be cleaned on a regular basis.

And because we are an environment-friendly initiative, we don’t recommend commercial mat cleaners that are full of harmful chemicals and are not only harsh on skin but for bad for your natural mat as well.

Also since we use Natural inks on our Personalized Cork Mats, we recommend that you use natural and bio-friendly products for cleaning the mat.

Thanks to the natural antimicrobial and antibacterial qualities of cork, keeping this mat clean is way easier than a regular yoga mat. Cork prevents the build-up of bacteria. With easy maintenance, you can enjoy your practice on your personalized cork mat.

 Frequency of Cleaning?

This depends on how often you use your mat and the environment you practice in? Is it in a studio or home? Or is it outdoors in the desert or the beach.

Also the nature of your practice determines the frequency of cleaning, for e.g. for hot yoga you need to clean it after every practice to prevent accumulation of sweat and keep it fresh.

It is also a personal preference, as some people habitually clean the mat after every practice while some clean every other day or once every week.

In any case, we recommend you give it a good wipe at least once every week with a wet hand-towel soaked in cold water + essential oils or our DIY- Mat cleaning solution recipe below and let it air dry.

Do not use a chemicals like bleach/detergent or other sprays and never use a scrubbing sponge on the mat.


DIY Yoga Mat Cleaning Spray

Vinegar Based

Recycle or reuse an existing empty spray bottle or (glass spray bottle is better than plastic)

Fill it with ½ - ¾ plain water

Fill the rest with white vinegar

Add essential oils of choice (best is eucalyptus or peppermint)

Spritz the surface of your cork mat and wipe down with a soft cloth and air-dry!

Other options:

Tea Tree Oil / Essential Oil based:

Add one or two drops of essential oil to a spray bottle filled with clean water.

If your mat is especially stinky, add a teaspoon of baking soda to your solution. Make sure not to add too much.

Shake well.

Spray a fine mist of the solution over your mat.

Wipe clean with a hot, damp towel.


Witch Hazel based:

Use the same procedure above just use the below ingredients.

3 oz water

1 oz witch hazel

20 (ish) drops essential oils

Oil combination combinations: 

10 orange, 5 lavender, 6 lemon

10 lavender, 10 tea tree, 5 eucalyptus

10 peppermint, 10 lavender, 5 lemon


Above are some of the ways you can experiment and make up a concoction for yourself. See what floats your boat and happy posing!


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