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It is okay to be ordinary

It is okay to be ordinary

I am your girl-next-door, your regular mom, two beautiful kids and a loving husband to add to that.

I am no fancy pants with botox and nose jobs, bum and boob enhancements, photographer in tow, island hopping or sipping pina-coladas on some far away beach- No I am none of that. However, I do slide through those popular-celeb-like people with perfect lives on insta/facebook/snap chat and all social media hotspots you can think of and dream of one day being like them OR not!

I am an ordinary girl dreaming on doing extra-ordinary things.  I sweat at my day-time job and sweat later at the gym for what I love- Yoga.  I dream of someday calling it quits and doing just what I love- yoga. One day- not just yet.

 I wake up sometimes on the good side of the bed, everything works out fine-  perfect selfie on insta, my coffee is hot, traffic is just enough for me to glide through to work on time, no arguments at work or at home and I safely pass the “having a good day” test.  But it’s not always like that. Some days start with weak coffee, fuel light’s on, traffic is at a stand-still, an assignment at work that takes forever to finish and kids acting up at dinner time!

But that’s how ordinary my life is – with its ups and downs and highs and lows, in fact there is fun in being ordinary. It takes courage to post a picture of yourself in your pjs with no makeup on or in your disheveled hair after a hard day at work.  Not many of us do that do we? Because we think being ordinary is looked down upon.

Trying hard for perfection in what we do, struggling to keep up in the rat race, we keep losing sight of the simple and yet beautiful things in life. Time and again I remind myself. Be yourself, don’t be them. Be your own judge, be your own competitor. Slow down, take a break. It is okay if you didn’t get the laundry done, it is okay if you have to work extra hours because you want that extra something for the vacation you are planning, it is okay if you chose to be late for work because it was your kids performance at school! In the end, it is okay – it all works out and we gain some we lose some.

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