Our Story

When I first started practicing Yoga, I surprised myself. My body behaved like a pretzel - flexibility came naturally to me so I was one of the few lucky ones. It was addictive and I couldn’t stop once I started and it took me places. I met new people every day who shared the same passion for the practice like I did. On this journey I made many friends and still in the process of doing so.

A year or so into my practice, I wasn’t completely satisfied with myself and always had that nagging feeling to get more out of yoga- hence I enrolled for my teacher training in 2016. I think it was one of my biggest achievements to date and probably the best thing I did for myself. 

I thought I knew all about Yoga- I thought I was good at what I did. The first thing this training did was dispelled that myth- there is no perfect practice and you can never master yoga. Each practice is different and each day we are different.  It taught me that Yoga is actually a journey like life itself.

You bring to the mat your experiences and your attitude and you discover yourself in the process, what you take off the mat is that self-discovery- the peace and balance we all aspire to achieve within ourselves.

I do free-lance yoga guidance now (I won’t call it teaching because I am still learning).
Whenever I go to a yoga class as a student or as a guide, I notice that people are struggling with the Asanas (poses) to the point of injuring themselves at times. This is not because they are new to yoga or they are not flexible. It is because they are not using the props or the right props. There should be no shame in using the props because they enhance and support your practice. We are all different in our capacities, strengths and flexibility. So if you excel at one pose, it’s possible you may struggle with another pose. Hence, it is best to take the aid of the props i.e. a strap for your dancer’s pose because you’re tight in the arms, or use a yoga wheel for a back-bend because you want to support your spine. In fact, you could be a pro at what you do and yet want to go that extra mile and explore a pose at a deeper level, in which case these yoga aids come in handy.

At the samadhi initiative, we strive to get the most appropriate yet eco-friendly solutions for your yoga practice.

I am reachable - info@thesamadhiinitiative.com