*PRE-ORDER* Cork Yoga Mat With Alignment Cues - (4.5MM)

*PRE-ORDER* Cork Yoga Mat With Alignment Cues - (4.5MM)

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Introducing all natural cork yoga mats with alignment Cues

Extra Soft Mat - softer on knees

Samadhi initiative’s Cork Yoga Mat is first of its kind yoga mat specifically designed for Hot Yoga practitioners. Its strong grip (non-slip) and soft texture properties enhances the performance and overall yoga experience.

Why Cork?

Leech-like Grip: Have you even wondered why your hands keep slipping in the downward dog- well it isn’t you, it is your mat!! It’s made of plastic which gets slippery when moist.

But when it comes to Cork Mats, the surface absorbs moisture rather than letting it pool, stopping you from slipping and sliding in your sweat. The material is natural and absorbent, hence a better grip when in contact with moisture. A perfect companion for hot Yoga or sweaty hands and feet!

Perks:  get rid of the towels and other layers that come in the way of your practice!

It’s a softie:  The cork texture provides a soft, subtle extra padding (perfect for sensitive knees!). I could also seamlessly transition from upward downward dog – a definitive, telltale transition in terms of slip ‘n’ grip-ness. 

It stank so you can’t focus on the plank: Not happening with Cork. The smell is not that of an overly processed rubber alternative, and when you spend a lot of time face down, the smell of your yoga mat becomes an issue. In fact, cork mat has no smell. The antimicrobial properties help to repel mold and mildew away, which means it’s practically self-cleaning and doesn’t smell – ever

Go Natural – Made from all natural materials your mat does not contain any PVC or substances that are toxic for you or Mother Earth. Produced from the bark of a tree, cork is harvested in a way that does not harm the tree that produces it, allowing it to continue growing, flourishing and reproducing the bark after it is harvested. Cork trees do not require excessive amounts of resources either, making them eco-friendly. Moreover, we use water-based inks to perk up the mats.

Easy Disposal: The mats’ natural ingredients allow them to be recycled and decomposed. No toxic waste is produced by this mat and hence reducing the carbon foot-print. So you can rest assured that each and every breath you take on it, is in tune with our beautiful planet.

Its squeaky Clean:  Cork does not mold or rot and stays naturally clean, which is why it is used so widely in the food and beverage industry. It’s clean and natural smell remains a safe surface on which to place your face and body.

Size does matter!  183cm X 61cm -- 4.5mm (5lbs) thick for comfort and safety, no bunching or movement of your mat while flowing through your Asanas. The high density and thickness creates a safe stable and comfortable practice. Light weighing mat makes it a perfect travel companion. Rolls up small, light as a feather. Go on adventures and never leave your mat behind!